The 2014 Millennial Impact Report marked a new phase of the Millennial Impact research. This report focused primarily on Millennials' preferences in the workplace — how they engage with their company and what they look for in corporate cause work.
The Millennial Alumni Study, which was completed in 2014 and sponsored by The Chronicle of Philanthropy, studies how Millennial alumni engage, work with and view donating to their alma mater. The findings of this study help university fundraisers lay the groundwork for a post-graduate relationships. 
The Four-Year Summary, completed in 2014, takes a look back at previous Millennial research and makes conclusions and analysis based on what findings have changed over time.
The 2013 Millennial Impact Report explored how Millennials uniquely support causes. Millennials first support causes they are passionate about, si it's up to organizations to inspire them and show them that their donation or action will make a tangible difference on a wider issue.
The 2012 Millennial Impact Report studied Millennial engagement. Specifically this study examined young professionals and how they are driven by movements and inspired to donate or volunteer. The report explores how Millennials connect, get involved with and give to causes.
The 2011 Millennial Donors Report was designed to supplement the 2010 Millenial Donor Study, while providing new insights and deeper understanding of Millennial donor interests, engagement and motivations. 
The Millennial Impact Benchmarks represents a path any organization can follow to direct its culture towards Millennial engagement. The system is based on three levels  — Millennial Inviting, Millennnial Immersion and Millennial Impact — with ways to help Millennials connect, involve and give at each level. 


2014 User Testing Videos

Watch Millennial employees navigate corporate websites, posters, emails and social media pages. Employers will discover better insight into what the next generation workforce wants from company cause work.




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