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May 29, 2015: "Exclusive webinar to preview the 2015 Millennial Impact Report"
April 16, 2015: "Millennial Alumni Study Recommends Universities Act More Like Causes"
June 24, 2015: "New Research Says Millennial Employees are More Influenced by Peers than CEOs"

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Research FAQ

What is the Millennial Impact Project?

The Millennial Impact Project is the most comprehensive and trusted study on the Millennial generation (born 1980-2000) and their involvement with cause work. Each year, the Millennial Impact Project produces reports to help nonprofits, corporations and individuals everywhere understand the best ways to engage and activate the Millennial generation as donors, volunteers, participants and employees.

What is the Millennial Impact Report?

The Millennial Impact Report is the annual report on each year’s research, analysis, findings and recommendations.

Who conducts the research?

Achieve leads and conducts all research for The Millennial Impact Project. A division of Forte Interactive, Achieve is a research and creative agency for causes. Derrick Feldmann, who founded the Millennial Impact Project in 2009, leads Achieve’s team of researchers, writers and designers.

Who sponsors the research?

The Case Foundation sponsors the Millennial Impact Project and our research. Established by digital pioneers Jean and Steve Case, the Case Foundation invests in people and ideas that can change the world. For nearly two decades, they have focused on creating programs and investing in people and organizations that harness the best impulses of entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and collaboration to address urgent social challenges. Their work is focused on three key pillars: revolutionizing the philanthropic sector, unleashing the power of entrepreneurship to create social change and igniting civic engagement through citizen-driven solutions.

How many Millennials have participated in your studies?

More than 25,000 Millennials, 500 companies and 2,000 organizations have participated in our studies.

What is your research method?

Each report is different, but generally we combine a baseline attitudinal survey with participant interviews, focus groups, user testing and behavior tracking.

Where can I download your reports?

Each report is available for download at themillennialimpact.com/research.

How has the research changed over time?

In 2009, Achieve began an effort to understand the dynamics of the cause relationship between organizations and a new generation of donors and activists. We established The Millennial Impact Project to fill a knowledge gap that existed in the field: How does the Millennial generation connect, involve and support causes? We released the first Millennial Donors Study in 2010 and followed up with the 2011 Millennial Donors Report, which provided new insights and deeper understanding of Millennial donor interests, engagement and motivations. For the 2012 Millennial Impact Report, we studied Millennial engagement. Specifically, we examined how young professionals are driven by movements and are inspired to donate or volunteer. The 2014 Millennial Impact Report explored how Millennials particularly support causes they are passionate about and how organizations can motivate Millennials to give and volunteer. As our research has evolved, we shifted focus slightly in 2014 to learn how Millennials prefer to engage with causes in their workplace. The 2014 Millennial Impact Report examined corporate responsibility and what Millennial employees look for in company cause work.

What is the 2015 Millennial Impact Report about?

The 2015 Millennial Impact Report studies the relationships and experiences between Millennial employees and their managers. How do managers influence participation in company cause work? What else inspires participation? The first phase of research will be released at MCON 2015.

When will the 2015 Millennial Impact Report be released?

The 2015 Millennial Impact Report will be release at MCON 2015 on June 24, 2015. It will be available for download at themillennialimpact.com.

Who should I contact for media requests and questions?

For media inquiries, please contact [email protected]. For general research questions, contact [email protected]